Fried Gumbo Balls Recipe

Fried gumbo balls are your solution to what to do with that last bit of leftover gumbo! You won't believe how easy these delicious and clever appetizers come together for parties and get-togethers!


white rice leftover gumbo Louisiana style hot sauce flour eggs panko bread crumbs

How To Make Fried Gumbo Balls

Start with 2 cups of gumbo and 2 cups of fluffed white rice. The gumbo can be homemade or store-bought from your favorite restaurant.

For the rice, you’ll cook medium-grain white rice according to the package instructions in order to have at least 2 cups for this recipe assembly. In a pinch, you may also use any 90-second microwaveable rice packets, cooked via the package instructions and fluffed.

Setting Up The Breading Station

The breading station will be flour, egg wash, panko breadcrumbs.

Procedure For Frying The Gumbo Balls

You can use a large stock pot filled with oil to fry, or a kitchen fryer like the Delonghi fryer that we use at home and in our test kitchen. The oil is preheated to 350 degrees and I recommend frying 1 at a time.

Fry the balls until golden brown and immediately dust them with cajun seasoning or salt while they are still hot. Serve with the cold spicy ranch, lemon wedges, or your favorite hot sauce.

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