How Long to Smoke a 10 lb. Brisket

This article will not only tell you how long it takes to smoke a 15-pound brisket, which is perfect for your hungry guests, but it will also guide you through the full smoking process to prepare the greatest beef brisket ever.

Select Your Brisket

First things first – when buying a brisket, you want to buy it by the sealed pack. This means a whole packer brisket that is sealed in cryovac.

Grades of a Brisket

Generally speaking, beef has four grades from which to choose. From the least to greatest the meat grades are– Select, Choice, Prime, and Wagyu.

Now that you’ve got your brisket home, you need to start preparing it to be smoked. The best way to prepare your beef brisket is to first chill it.

Preparing Your Brisket For The Barbecue

Trimming Your Brisket

Chilling your beef brisket before trimming it has been found to be the easiest thing to do for firm meat and fat that doesn’t slide around.

You should use a dry rub on your brisket to help season and enhance the taste of the meat. There are plenty of store-bought options on the market, or homemade recipes for brisket rub.

Seasoning Your Brisket with Rub

How Long Do You Smoke a 15 Pound Brisket?

Smoke a 15 pound brisket for 15-20 hours at 225 degrees. Smoking your brisket at around 225 degrees is the best temperature because you want the smoker temperature to be low for breaking down connective tissue.

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