How Many Wings In a Pound?

This guide will explain how many wings are in a pound, and how to purchase the correct amount for your party.

How Many Wings In A Pound?

For buffalo wings (drummette and wing flat separated) 10-12 pieces are in a per pound. For whole wings (drum, wing, and wing tip intact) 4-5 pieces are in a pound.

The Two Types of Chicken Wings

The first question we ask when planning a party is what type of wings the host would like to serve. At the grocery store, you will have your choice of whole wings or buffalo wings.

Whole Wings

Whole wings are usually sold raw in the poultry section of grocery stores or frozen in large bags in the freezer section. A whole wing is the true wing from the chicken without the butcher breaking it down into pieces.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are made by separating the wing from the drumette and snipping off the wing tip. Once separated, both wings and drumettes are cooked and served as buffalo wings.

How Many Wings Are in a 10 Pound Bag?

Approximately 100 pieces if the wing and drumette are separated, or approximately 45 whole wings are in a 10-pound bag.

How Much Sauce Do I Need For Chicken Wings?

You’ll need 2-3 oz. per pound of sauce, per pound of chicken wings. A standard 12 oz. bottle of buffalo sauce will easily coat 5 pounds of wings.

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