How To Clean Your Blackstone Griddle

Whether you're restoring an old rusty griddle or looking for ideas on cleaning burnt-on oil and food debris, we've created this post to show you the methods people use to restore their griddle and which ones work best.

What Is The Blackstone Griddle Made Out Of?

The Griddle

The griddle surface is made out of steel, not cast iron as many believe. However, these two metals are extremely similar in the purposes of maintenance and cleaning so you will find all cast-iron care knowledge is useful.

The Base, Knobs, Stand, and Debris Chamber

Blackstone doesn’t tell us what the stand is made out of but we can see that it is a metal and that it does not tend to rust easily.

Cleaning a Blackstone Griddle Cooking Surface

Cleaning Tools

wet folded rag

griddle scraper

griddle scouring pad

paper tower soaked with oil

After cooking, it’s important that you let the griddle cool down as the surface of the griddle is too hot to clean.  Scrape it with a metal griddle scraper and then scrub it with an orange griddle pad while the griddle is warm, but not hot.

If you’re still not able to remove debri with the scouring pad and hot water you may need to use a pumice grill stone to scrub the area— but this is rare and if you find yourself reaching for these often you may be cooking at too hot of temperatures.

After all food particles are cleaned from the griddle top, wipe with a rag moistened with warm water, dry well, and coat the entire surface with a thin layer of oil, rubbed on with a paper towel.

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