Keto Simple Syrup

This erythritol simple syrup was created to mimic the mouthfeel and sweetness of traditional simple syrup while providing a zero carb, zero-calorie alternative for low carb and keto drink enthusiasts!


Distilled Water Erythritol Xanthan Gum (powder) Sweet Drops

First off, What is Simple Syrup?

Simple syrup is a syrup made from boiling equal parts sugar and water, used by bartenders to make and sweeten cocktails. The tricky thing is that it doesn’t just add sweetness.

The tricky thing is it doesn’t just add sweetness. Due to the sugar molecules being distributed densely in the water molecules, it provides a sensation called “mouth feel”,  which refers to the denseness and viscosity it contributes to cocktails.

Erythritol in the Keto Diet

I think the keto diet's promotion of erythritol is one of its primary successes. Erythritol tastes like sugar to most people and is 70% as sweet as table sugar with almost no calories.

How to Bump the Sweetness

To boost the sweetness without adding additional erythritol, I recommend alternative keto sweeteners such as Truvia or Stevia brand Sweet Drops.

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