Smoked Ham Recipe With Heavenly Glaze

The smoked ham recipe takes a simple smoked grocery store ham and loads it up with homemade rub and a heavenly sweet glaze, perfect for Easter or Christmas dinner.

How To Choose the Right Ham

First, consider the size of your ham. If you’re feeding a large group, a larger bone-in ham may be the way to go. I feel that most meat experts agree that bone-in meat tastes meatier and has more wow factor.

Second, consider the type of ham you’re using.  Pre-smoked ham will require less time in the smoker, while a raw ham will require a longer cook time.

First, you need to buy a whole beef steak from a reputable butcher or a good grocery store. When I make raw dishes like tartare, I go to high-end grocery places like Central Market.

What is A Spiral Ham?

How Much Ham To Buy Per Person?

As a general rule, you can estimate about 1/4 to 1/3 pound of boneless ham per person. For bone-in ham, you can estimate about 1/2 to 3/4 pound of ham per person.

I recommend twice-smoked ham for beginners. This means you buy a smoked ham and heat it on your  smoker at lower temperatures, coating it with a homemade glaze to add flavor to an otherwise conventional holiday ham recipe.

What is the Best Way To Smoke A Ham?

Preparing Your Ham For The Smoker

Unwrap the ham, discarding any packets of powdered sauce (trust me, ours is way better), and place it on a cutting board. You’ll want to make some 1/4 inch slices if you weren’t lucky enough to find a spiralized ham.

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