The Best Crispy and Low Carb Chicken Wings Recipe

This recipe is going to be your new, go-to keto chicken wing recipe that you can eat guilt-free on a low carb diet.


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The Correct Way to Cook Low Carb Chicken Wings

First off, stop air-frying and oven-baking your chicken wings. Instead, break out your deep fryer and preheat it to 350–375 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to have a deliciously flavored chicken wing, you’ll have to dry off the exterior of the wing. We have found that the quickest and easiest way is to use a paper towel and pat them.

Preparing the Chicken Wings

Low Carb Breading Option to Help Your Wing Sauce Stick

This is where Whey Protein Isolate Powder comes in to save the day! It is 0 grams of carbs so you’re in no danger of breaking your carb limit.

The Best and Easiest Way to Season Your Chicken Wings

When you season your wings, you should put them in a big bowl and add the seasonings you want. Garlic Powder, Salt, Black Pepper, and Onion Powder are the four spices you must have in your flavor

Overloading your deep fryer basket and lowering the oil temperature are your biggest concerns. For optimum crisping and fastest cooking, keep the oil near to warmed.

Load your Deep Fryer Basket, but Don’t Overload it!

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