Friendship Tea Recipe

Friendship tea is a spiced fruity tea mixture, used for homemade gifts during the holidays. Get this iconic recipe now!

The History Of Friendship Tea

This friendship tea, often known as Russian tea or Christmas tea, was a favorite holiday present. Served in mason jars, it is shared between friends and mixed into hot water to make a fruity, spicy drink.

Tang is a powdered orange drink mix that makes up the base of this russian tea recipe. It was wildly popular in the mid twentieth century, but it can still be found on grocery store shelves.


To make the spiced tea mix, shake or whisk all ingredients in a big plastic baggie, bowl, or food processor. Then fill a large jar with the instant-spiced tea.

Friendship Tea With Tang

Tang Hot Tea Recipe Variations

During the Christmas holidays a big batch of this tea made be served buffet style.  You can serve an entire recipe chilled in a crystal punch bowl similar to a cold apple cider.

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