Guys, Guys, Guys… I wrote a COOKBOOK!

Introducing the Urban Cowgirl Cookbook…

The Urban Cowgirl Cookbook

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Over 150 Recipes & Kitchen Projects…

The fundamental steps for canning, brewing homemade soda and kombucha, making applejack, homemade wine, and infusing moonshine. Let’s master them together!

Totally into the from scratch parenting movement?

Me too, and I’ve got you covered with a complete course on homemade gourmet baby food, handmade soap, bath fizzies, luxury baby milk bath, and organic boo boo balm. Party on Rockstar!

Treat Yo Self!

To Brisket Infused Bourbon, Jalapeno Cinnamon Rolls, Cherry Icebox Cookies, Hot Green Chile Pork, A Tale of 3 Quesos, West Texas Butterbread, Christmas Chili, Chicken Enchiladas with Creamy Jack Cheese Sauce, Strawberry Barbecue Wings, Black Lemonade, Authentic Texas Picadillo, Austin Taco Truck Sauce, Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Cheddar Gumbo, & Authentic Galveston Crab Balls…plus a whole lot more!

(Because God loves butter and abs are over-rated!)