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Keto Meatballs with Ricotta and Marinara

Keto Meatballs are the workhorse of your Keto kitchen. They can be prepped in big batches and frozen, then cooked off when you're ready— with no one the wiser. They can be roasted in a [...]

Keto Chicken Enchilada Hot Pockets

Everyone loved the Keto Pizza Crust so much that we decided to take the dough and make a hot pocket! These crunchy little pillows of cheesy chicken are filled with an authentic homemade enchilada sauce, [...]

Keto Crab and Brie Stuffed Mushrooms

I crave stuffed mushrooms in the Fall because they feel like the quintessential snack for cozying up under a flannel blanket, and watching a scary movie! My kids have proclaimed Saturdays as the official day [...]

Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Fat Bombs

It's cold in Dallas today, so we're finally feeling FALL FESTIVE!! To celebrate the first day of Fall, help yourself to a batch of these easy Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Fat Bombs. They only take about [...]

How To Prepare For The Keto Diet

How To Prepare For The Keto Diet: So, you've watched your friend's rapidly lose weight on the Keto Diet and you'd like to give it a shot? Maybe you've watched our Youtube channel, tried the recipes, [...]

Corn and Black Bean Salad with Mexican Vinaigrette

Crisp corn, creamy black beans, and chopped peppers are marinated in a bright and fragrant Mexican vinaigrette and served as a healthy alternative to rice and beans! They go great with chile rellenos, fajitas, and [...]

Texas Style Salsa Verde – Perfect Sauce Everytime

Texas Style Salsa Verde is a pantry staple in the Lonestar State. Mellow and smooth, this all purpose sauce tames the bite of fresh tomatillos with patient slow simmering, and an abundance of expertly blended [...]

T Bone Tom’s Shark Eggs Recipe

Approaching the Gulf Coast of Texas, the culinary scene shifts dramatically from barbecue and tex-mex, to an area I lovingly refer to as Texiana. […]

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