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28 Easy Halloween Treats Everyone Will Love

Looking for some amazingly delicious, easy Halloween treats that both kids and adults will adore?

This list of 28 desserts will surely please a crowd of any age. Plus, they are all super quick and simple to whip up… because you’ve got partying to do!

28 easy halloween treats collage of recipes

For the perfect Halloween treats, we went on a journey looking for THE BEST homemade Halloween candy, Halloween cupcakes, Halloween cookies, and Halloween cakes, with a full recipe to make sure your holiday is effortless.

Let’s see what fun treats we found for a snack display the whole family will love!!

Chilling Chocolate Treats For Halloween

candy bark with halloween colors made of chocolate

1. Spooky Chocolate Bark

This easy Halloween Chocolate Bark is one of my family’s favorite Halloween traditions. Plus it’s a super fun activity the kids can partake in! 

a cookie bar stacked together

2. Chilling Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bites

These easy Halloween treats are awesome because you get a cookie, cheesecake, and chocolate candy all rolled into one bite! The colors are super fun and they taste so so good!

cookies that look like witch hats

3. Wicked Witch Hats

Wicked Witch Hat Cookies are a tasty and easy Halloween party treat made with homemade chocolate cookies, buttercream frosting, and Hershey Kisses. Kids think these are fun Halloween treats and so do I!

gummy worms halloween snack treat

4. RIP Rocky Road

This Rocky Road dessert is fun, delicious and an awesome sweet treat or edible gift. It is a favorite no-bake treat for chocolate lovers. Dark and milk chocolate are combined with rice bubble cereal, marshmallows, and snake lollies. 

mummy cookies made with chocolate cookies

5. Murderous Madeleine Mummies 

Chocolate Madeleine Mummies bring the airy texture of a traditional French madeleine and combine it with the indulgent flavor of chocolate. They make everything a little more fun with a tasty spooky design! You can substitute dark chocolate or white chocolate if you like.

haloween hot cocoa bombs recipe- a black ball with googly eyes

6. Witches Brew Bombs 

Witches Brew Breakable Chocolate Bombs are a creepy twist on hot chocolate bombs. They are filled with candy instead, making a super cute interactive easy Halloween treat, and you’ve probably already got chocolate chips in the pantry!

Rated-R Rice Krispy Treats (Just Kidding, They’re Super Cute)

little spell books made from cookies

7. Spooky Spell Books 

These edible magic spells books are easy to make look like they’re from any favorite fantasy story or movie. With a bit of imagination and about 30 – 45 minutes you can whip up a batch of these book treats with tools you probably already have in your kitchen.

little white mummy cookies on a stick

8. Mysterious Mummies 

These spooky Rice Krispie Treats are a fun way to celebrate the season. Cute little mummy rice krispie treats on a stick are sure to please a crowd at a Halloween party or gathering. Spooky mummy cookies are a must.

micky mouse pumpkin rice krispies

9. Mickey Mouse Krispies 

Want to make a delicious Halloween inspired Disney treat, but can’t make it to Disneyland any time soon? Try our homemade Disneyland spooky Mickey Rice Krispie Treats!

rice krispies decorate to look like monster faces with eyes

10. Menacing Monsters

Cute, crunchy, colorful, and sweet, these marshmallow treats are so fun not only for children but grown-ups too. You won’t have to think twice before throwing a Halloween party because these Instant Pot Halloween marshmallow treats are so easy and delicious. 

pumpkin shaped rice krispies

11. Pumpkin Krispies

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats are easy to make for a Halloween or Thanksgiving dessert! These pumpkin shaped rice krispies are the perfect treat. And you can never have too many cute pumpkin foods!

cookies that look like ghosts under a sheet

12. Ghoulish Ghosts 

Try these fun and spooky Ghost Halloween Rice Krispie Treats this year! Made with easy ingredients, they are perfect for kids and taste super yummy. Perfect for Halloween parties.

bat cookies with big candy eyes

13. Rice Krispie Bats 

These Rice Krispie Bats are a great way to be creative with your kids this October. Be careful though, these easy treats won’t last very long, especially in my house.

Petrifying Popcorn Balls For Halloween

Orange balls of popcorn treats

14. Halloween Candy Popcorn Balls 

These Halloween popcorn balls are a simple festive October snack that all ages will love. Plus they are super versatile and you can make them any color you want. Simple treats are always appreciated.

green monster themed popcorn balls

15. Party Monster Popcorn Balls 

Party Monster popcorn balls always bring the night to life – or rather- undead. These easy and cute Halloween treats look great on a platter but won’t last long!

white candy popcorn balls

16. Pumpkin Popcorn Balls 

If you want something more elegant and casual with a splash of October flare, try these pumpkin popcorn balls. They are just as delicious as the more complex treats while being one of the easy Halloween desserts on our list.

Creepy Cookies for Halloween Parties

cute purple cookies with eyes

17. Purple People Eater Cookies

These purple people eater thumbprint cookies are our favorite of the spooky Halloween treats. These are so much fun to decorate with candy corn and candy eyes and as an added bonus you can play your kids the fun song that goes along with them!

peanut butter cookies with chocolate spiders drawn on top

18. Peanut Butter Spider Cookies 

Looking for a cute and easy cookie for a Halloween treat? These peanut butter spider cookies are amazing and tasty! The little ghouls in your life will love snacking on these salty-sweet snacks.

cookies with cobweb marshmallow designs

19. Chocolate Cobweb Cookies 

These melted marshmallow cobwebs and mummy face cookies are packed with drool-worthy chocolate goodness. The webs are easier to make than you may think! These are a must for the spooky season.

Halloween sugar cookies with candy corn

20. Candy Corn Cookies 

Classic Halloween candy corn is the perfect addition to these yummy cookies. They’re colorful, spooky, and festive. An easy Halloween snack ready to ring in the good times!

swirly pinwheel cookie dough

21. Petrified Pinwheels 

It’s all treats and no tricks when it comes to these Halloween Pinwheel Cookies. However, there is an easy hack to make them! They look amazing on a party platter and offer a filling snack to the little ones.

red chocolate chip cookies

22. Red Velvet Spider Cookies 

These dark red cookies are perfectly petrifying as an easy Halloween treat! The spooky spider decor is simple to whip up too. We recommend practicing on a baking sheet but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Cackling Cups (Individual Halloween Treat Cups)

ice cream bowls filled with halloween decorations

23. Spooky Ice Cream Cups 

Get ready for impressed guests you’ll have when you serve Halloween Ice Cream Cups at your spooky event. Every kid you know will love to eat super fun ice cream sundaes decorated with oreo cookies in small bowls.

swirling halloween ice cream

24. Chilling No Churn Ice Cream 

Making spooky frozen Halloween treats is fun and easy. Colorful no churn Halloween ice cream can be prepared with a hand mixer and a little elbow grease! All you have to do is mix the cream and condensed milk together well and then mix in the cake mix. This delicious Halloween recipe only looks complicated.

individual pudding cups decorated festively

25. Haunted Pudding Cups

Here is a little treat that you can use for any of the Halloween sprinkles and candies you already own. These adorable haunted pudding cups are one of my favorite things to whip up.

eyeball pudding with the best halloween candies

26. Eye Popping Panna Cotta

These Halloween panna cotta eyeballs are extra gruesome! This easy gluten-free Halloween treat looks like eyeballs! It is one of my favorite party food ideas for adults and kids.

layered halloween trifles

27. Terrifying Trifles 

Another delicious treat that requires no cooking and is served right up in an individual cup! No bake desserts are everyone’s favorite. These simple Halloween desserts are easy and festive.

chocolate cups of dessert recipes with ghost faces

28. Boo Cups

These cute-as-a-button Chocolate Halloween Boo Cups, complete with a meringue ghost, are the best spooky treat. Using an easy French silk pie filling mixed with crumbled chocolate bunny grahams, they will surely impress your guests.

collage of halloween dessert recipes

You must be chomping at the bit to get started creating some of these delicious Halloween treats. We’re ready to put on our Halloween costumes and chow down! Let us know which treats you made below and what your favorites were!!

halloween collage of easy treat recipe

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