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Louisiana Style Boiled Crawfish on a Tray

You might have noticed that crawfish are back in season! It’s hard not to notice with every bar and shrimp shack in town throwing their own crawfish boils. Today we’re going to learn how to throw a 60 lb. crawfish boil right in our own backyard with the help of my Cajun neighbors, Sequoia and Clayton!

60 lbs. is a party for 15-25 adults, so it’s the perfect size backyard party.

Watch the “how to” video of our crawfish boil using Sequoia’s famous, Spicy Louisiana Crawfish Boil Recipe, which can boil up to 60lbs. of crawfish.

Then, I’ll take you through the steps below—

First off we’re going to need some hardware. We’ll be using a 15 gallon pot which can hold our recipe for the boiling brew, plus 20 lbs. of crawfish. These big ole’ pots have a steamer pan that looks like this (below), which you’ll need for draining out the crawfish in batches while keeping your crawfish and shrimp boil liquid in the pot.

Crawfish boiling pot - steamer basker

Here is some links to the gear we used—

Our big black tub is a 75 gallon water trough from tractor supply.




We ordered our crawfish online by googling crawfish sales in our area. We are in North Texas so we used Bayou Boils which you can find HERE.

The Night Before the Crawfish and Shrimp Boil Party

We purchased 2 30lb. bags which were picked up the night before and the crawfish were kept in multiple igloo coolers on ice. This makes the crawfish go dormant and keeps them fresh.

Live crawfish - close up

Cleaning the Crawfish:

I arrived early and the guys were just getting started washing the crawfish. About 20 lbs at a time are transferred to a large bin and washed with the water hose on spray mode. You cannot submerge the crawfish or they will drown. Just wash and drain as shown in the video. Keep repeating this until the crawfish water runs clear. They are covered in mud so do not skip this step.

How to throw a crawfish boil - cleaning the crawfish

And drain…

Draining the cleaned crawfish

Spicy Louisiana Crawfish Boil Recipe:

For the brew, we’re using all Zatarain’s spice blends, which make THE BEST crawfish boil seasoning brew!

Zatarain's crawfish boil mixes

We started with 8 gallons of water and started adding everything into the pot and letting it start to simmer.

Crawfish boil being made

Mo Spices….Crawfish boil recipe

And last we added all of the squeezed citrus…

Homemade Citrus Crawfish Boil Recipe

Turn on the cooker and heat until a rolling boil.

Add the crawfish in at about 20 lbs. at a time, along with the veggies that go in each batch. (See the recipe below)

Citrus Crawfish Boil Recipe - crawfish cooking

Boil 5 min, then place on the lid and simmer 20 min. Strain the boiled crawfish by lifting up on the simmer basket and pulling them up gently. It’s easiest to serve directly on plastic tablecloths without plates!

How to throw a crawfish boil - completed crawfish

But if you like to serve guests on individual trays that would be cool too!

Crawfish Boiled On a Tray

And That Is How To Throw A Crawfish Boil – Complete Party Plans & Recipes for a 60lb. Crawfish Boil

If you really have your own backyard crawfish boil we would love to see your pics!

Post a photo and tag us on Instagram @UrbanCowgirl! 🙂

Spicy Crawfish Boil Recipe - 60lb. crawfish boil
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60lb. crawfish (2 30 lb. bags)

15 gallon outdoor cooker kit - butane powered outdoor stove, and 15 lb pot. (Also sold as a turkey fryer)

6 oranges

6 lemons

6 heads garlic

6 white onions

6 small bags of red potatoes

3 large containers of whole mushrooms

24 half ears of corn

4-6 lbs. assorted sausage, see note below

For the boiling brew:

8 gallons of water

3 bags of powdered crawfish boil

3 bottles of crab boil concentrate

1 large bottle Louisiana Hot Sauce

1/4 c. cayenne

All the oranges and lemons, squeezed into each batch



This boil is made first and reused for every 20 lbs of crawfish boiled...

Part 1 - 20 lbs crawfish, strain from the simmering pot and serve

Part 2 - 20 lbs. crawfish, strain from the simmering pot and serve

Part 3 - 20 lbs. crawfish, strain from the simmering pot and serve

For the Boil:

Fill pot with water. Add 3 bags of powdered crawfish boil and 3 bottles of crab boil concentrate, 1 large bottle Lousianna Hot Sauce, add 1/4 c. cayenne. Add fresh citrus juices.

*** Every batch will get a little bit spicier

For every 20 lb. round of crawfish- Add 2 bags of red potatoes to the pot first because they need the longest cooking time.

Add 2 garlic heads whole, and 2 onions. cut 1/3 of the oranges and lemons and squeeze them into the water. Next add the crawfish. Stir, and bring to a boil.

Let boil 5 minutes. Turn off the heat. Add 1 package of mushrooms and 1/3 of the corn. Simmer for 20 minutes. Drain, Dump on table.

NOTE: Assorted sausage can be used as well and added in with the veggies, or grilled on the grill if you have that going as well. We used andouille, hatch chile pepper sausage, and mild sausage for the kids. Cut into 3 inch chunks and boil along with the crawfish if desired.

Crawfish Boil Recipe and Party Plans


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