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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Recipe (Campechana)

If you follow Urban Cowgirl on YouTube you know I spend a lot of time in coastal Mexico, mostly the Yucatan, and I can never stop talking about these Mexican Shrimp Cocktails (also called Campechana), which are available at every beach club and seaside snackeria. I find that this dish always tastes a little bit …

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Crawfish Scampi Recipe (Garlic Butter Crawfish Tails)

Crawfish lovers know that good-quality Louisiana crawfish tails are a celebrated delicacy and need only a few ingredients to help them shine. Too many loud ingredients overshine their delicate yet complex flavor, and serving them properly requires a buttery base for all that delicious crawfish fat to melt into. In this crawfish scampi recipe, you …

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Keto Crab and Brie Stuffed Mushrooms

I crave Keto stuffed mushrooms in the Fall because they feel like the quintessential snack for cozying up under a flannel blanket, and watching a scary movie! My kids have proclaimed Saturdays as the official day for our 30 days of Halloween watch-a-thon. So for five glorious hours, we throw every blanket in the house …

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